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The best versus the rest: comparing orthodontic clear aligners courses

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Dentistry in 2019 isn’t what it once was. In fact, advances in technology have dramatically transformed the profession from what it was even twenty years ago. Today, dentists have the opportunity to expand their skillset and range of services to offer more than the traditional maintenance of teeth and gum health.

To add these new strings to their bows is, quite rightly, no small feat. The high standard of dental practice insisted upon in Australia by the ADA, and expected by the discerning public, is to be both admired and upheld. Dentists looking to enhance the service they deliver in terms of teeth straightening, therefore, must undertake professional development courses in orthodontic skills – specifically those required to safely and effectively administer Invisalign clear aligners, which is far and away the treatment that most patients will request.

So how can you discern which is the best orthodontic course to take? The easiest way is by comparing a number of key factors.

Firstly, will the course really equip you to add orthodontic treatments to your business? Through its Australian-first BOSS Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics, BOSS offers the only course that can provide you with an Accredited Qualification in orthodontics in less than 12 months.

Secondly, is the course created and delivered by a Specialist Orthodontist? Many courses are delivered by educators with limited experience in working with clear aligners, whereas BOSS courses are created and delivered by Dr Vandana Katyal, a highly experienced Specialist Orthodontist with Invisalign Diamond Provider status. Held by fewer than a dozen dental professionals in the entire of NSW, this highest level of Invisalign status is awarded only to dental professionals who deliver at least 151 Invisalign cases annually.

This status in no way impedes the independence of BOSS courses, however. In fact, unlike many other courses, BOSS offerings are independent of industry sponsors and manufacturers, meaning that they do not feature the bias evident in competitors’ industry-driven courses.

Dr Katyal’s experience is evident in the quality and breadth of BOSS course content, which is where it really distinguishes itself as the best Invisalign course available to dental professionals in Australia. Where other courses feature only lectures, BOSS courses also include practical treatment planning workshops and valuable in-office observations with real patients.

Technology is another area that greatly differentiates course content. As one of Australia’s most experienced practitioners, Dr Katyal is renowned for her early adoption of the latest technology, such as dental monitoring for virtual tracking, and she makes it a priority to incorporate these cutting-edge techniques into BOSS courses.

And what about support? In addition to the 24/7 access they receive to e-learning resources and online library, BOSS course attendees are provided with a range of materials to assist in the management of clear aligners patients, including clinical protocols, patient instructions, letters, templates to assist in the management of clear aligners patients, and even marketing and social media support. These extensive resources and support will not be found with other course providers. BOSS also offers online one-on-one mentoring with specialist orthodontist clinical cases, a service that contrasts starkly with the minimal email-only support provided by other courses.

Considering these various advantages, it’s unsurprising that BOSS has been receiving 5-star reviews and testimonials for its clear aligners courses since 2016.

All of this enables BOSS to assure course attendees and Diploma graduates that they will experience a significant increase in their skills and ability to successfully administer clear aligners with patients in the clinical environment, an assertion that other course providers are unable to offer.

What People Are Saying

  • Dr Katyal’s courses are always very practical, interactive and based on up-to-date evidence. I have completed other orthodontic courses and I have found the structure and organisation of BOSS to be superior. Whilst Dr Katyal is very encouraging of GP dentists doing orthodontic treatment, she ensures that we understand our scope of practice, which allows patients to have the best outcomes. Looking forward to doing more BOSS courses in the future!

    Dr Brodie Hil, Dentist VIC
  • Boss is an amazing seminar well ran by Dr Katyal and her team. The group is small and Dr Katyal caters to the needs of the group. We bring cases along to discuss and we can interrupt to ask questions.
    It’s not like other seminars where you get lectured to and they take a few questions at the end . By which time you can’t remember the question you wanted to ask .
    The many lecturers are funny , informative and a pleasure to listen to . Ohh ohh I forgot … it’s held at the Hilton hotel and the food is unbelievable!!!

    Amy Lg, Dentist, Sydney
  • Many thanks to BOSS and Dr Vandana Katyal for providing me with a great learning platform for clear aligners. With a previous background in fixed orthodontics, I have always been interested in incorporating clear aligners to give my patients all options when it comes to providing orthodontic treatment in my practice.

    After attending BOSS lectures, Dr Katyal has helped grow my confidence in using clear aligners by providing one on one mentoring on clin-checks and also going through some of her own cases that she is treating with Invisalign which has been an eye opener for myself.

    I have now got multiple cases of Invisalign undergoing and I don’t shy away in presenting clear aligners as a treatment option for patients requiring orthodontic treatment in my practice.

    Amrinder Oberoi, Dentist, Sydney
  • I have been attending BOSS Courses since early 2016, and am so pleased to have found Vandana and her team! As Orthodontics is such a vast study in itself, BOSS breaks it down into practical and easy to understand concepts, which allows you to become more aware of the orthodontic status of all your patients. I have found so much confidence in being able to deliver orthodontic treatment to my patients after attending BOSS. If you’re someone who hasn’t done any orthodontics and are looking for starter courses, this course is fantastic. It is also a great opportunity for those who have had orthodontic experience in the past (like myself) to enhance, grow and learn more!

    Dr Radhika Singh, Sydney
  • I just attended the 2018 Boss Course 1 in Melbourne. It was a comprehensive introduction into orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. I have walked away feeling confident in my knowledge and abilities. I recommend this course to beginners and those with more experience. The group was small and the course felt tailored to our individual levels of experience. Dr Katyal was so kind and approachable and generously shared her knowledge. The course was heavily scientifically based and Dr Katyal frequently referred to the literature and gave recommended pre-readings to enhance our knowledge and make the most of the session.

    Dr Rachael McDonald, Dentist, Melbourne
  • Dr Katyal shares so much of her own protocol and is extremely generous not only with her time but with the well thought out information she provides along with the course such as inventory lists, marketing material and case presentation templates. She tailors her advice to your own experience and helps with appropriate case selection, points out possible pitfalls and helps you understand how to overcome them. The course is also up-to-date using the latest technologies in orthodontics and is heavily evidence-based.

    I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start doing some orthodontic treatment or looking for a more comprehensive course to assist in some ortho they are already doing.

    Dr Becky Dudman, Melbourne

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